I was then fortunate to get my first Retina Australia grant in 2014, with Professor Sharon Bentley. We developed a new low vision assessment tool, which has been used internationally in clinical trials and research.

Pictured on the left is Lauren wearing the bionic eye simulator device, when developing the Low Vision Assessment of Daily Living (LoVADA protocol), funded by Retina Australia 2014.

Pictured below is an image of a participant sorting black, white and grey socks, with occupational therapist Shane McSweeney, as part of the LoVADA protocol, 2014.

My work on the Bionic Eye, including the development of this new low vision tool, then led me to an opportunity to work in industry in the USA. Between 2017 and 2019, I was the Director of Clinical and Regulatory Affairs for Bionic Eye Technologies, a start up company from Harvard and Cornell Universities.