Love Your Eyes at Work from Retina Australia's Board of Directors

Leighton: Hi, I am Leighton Boyd, Chair of Retina Australia.

Josh: My name is Josh Ginpil and I’m one of the directors of Retina Australia. And this is my daughter, Violet.

Jane: My name is Jane, I’m on the board of Retina Australia and also living with Retinitis Pigmentosa.

Leighton: I’ve been living with Retinitis Pigmentosa for more than 60 years.

Josh: I was diagnosed with Best Disease along with several of my family members a couple of years ago.

Leighton: Retina Australia has supported many researchers. They are working to find treatments for inherited retinal diseases like mine

Jane: World Retina Day is a great opportunity to raise awareness and elevate the voices of those living with inherited retinal diseases, but also to promote the importance of good eye health for everyone.

Josh: It’s also about advocating for the vital research and treatments that will help us and hopefully the future generation not have to deal with the same things that we’ve gone through.

Jane: Use this World Retina Day as a reminder to book in for your regular eye check.

Leighton: And seek genetic testing if diagnosed with an inherited retinal disease.