5 days ago

A very eager group of 13 Friends of Retina Australia Perth (FRAP) members and volunteers gathered for the first bush walk of the season and enjoyed a pleasant 8.5km walk in the Trigg Bushland.

The bushland is close to the ocean but you’d hardly know it!

It has a variety of flora including some magnificent Tuarts, some Rottnest Pine and grass trees. We walked through the shady north section, then took a short scramble up a sandy slope and entered the southern and eastern sections of the reserve, following the crest of one of the few remaining parabolic dune systems in Perth.

Brunch at a café overlooking the ocean was the perfect ending to a great morning!

by Angela Boothroyd, FRAP Convenor


If you would like to join the group or find out about future events, please contact Angela at friendsofra.perth@retinaaustralia.com.au.

Friends of Retina Australia group and volunteer guides standing together in the bush during their walk

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