How did you hear about the DITD campaign and why did you decide to run an event? 

I heard about the Do It in The Dark initiative from the Retina Australia website. I was looking for a way to get involved and spread awareness and saw this as the perfect way to do so.

Tell us about your DITD activity and who has been/is involved?

I work with the National Kayak Team as a Performance Scientist. Whilst leading into World Cup’s earlier this year I sat down with the Women’s team and went through who Retina Australia is, what they do, the DITD initiative and why I’d like to help out and get them involved too.

The team was really keen to have a go so we came up with a way to go through daily training with the DITD glasses which simulate tunnel vision. We found a day that fitted into their busy training schedule to have them warm up, paddle and train in the gym whilst wearing the DITD glasses.