24 February, 2022

Do it in the Dark™ is back this March & April. Now in its second year, Do it in the Dark provides Retina Australia with a unique opportunity to engage new audiences, and share our cause with those who may be unfamiliar with inherited retinal diseases.

The concept of Do it in the Dark is simple – gather your family, friends, or co-workers and do an everyday activity like you normally would, while wearing our custom-made glasses which simulate tunnel vision. Tunnel vision is a common symptom that people living with an inherited retinal disease often have, and by wearing these glasses you will be able to better understand the daily lives of people who have debilitating vision issues.

You could have a meal together, watch movies, organise a morning tea, go for a walk (with a sighted guide) or even play some video games. Take some photos with your group while wearing the glasses ( make sure to upload your favourites to social media and tag Retina Australia), discuss the impact of inherited retinal diseases, and raise vital funds which will go towards medical research programs. 

A one-hour event is all it takes to show your support, and a free fundraising kit will be mailed out when you sign up. There is currently no cure for those living with an inherited retinal disease, but we get closer every day because of the generous support of our donors.

View the clickable links below to learn more about this exciting fundraising event: 

If you have any other questions about Do it in the Dark, you can phone 1800 999 870 or (03) 9650 5088. You can also email info@retinaaustralia.com.au anytime. 

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